In-Studio Portraits

At Aperture Media our photographers are equipped with world class flash systems, accessories, and lighting to produce professional in-studio photography for businesses, special occasions, and more. These are a few in-studio pictures taken for a Prom with some of the latest and most high-end professional DSLR’s and accessories available.

Outdoor Wedding

For the photography in this wedding, both our photographers used Nikon D810’s with world class Profoto flash systems and accessories. Enjoy!

March Wedding

Here’s a look at few ceremony photos of a wedding we did earlier this month. Enjoy!

On-Location Photo Shoot

Whether your having a wedding, quinceanera, or other event, your probably looking to decorate the event with a few pictures. Our photographers use top-of-the-line professional DSLR’s that allow you to make beautiful large prints without sacrificing detail. Check out a few pictures of this on-location photo shoot done for a quinceanera.

Outdoor Wedding

February was full of photo shoots, video shoots, and weddings! Here are a few photos from a February wedding which had an outdoor theme with the ceremony in a beauitful park.

In-Studio Photo Shoot

Here’s a look back at one of our in-studio photo shoots. For this shoot we used a charcoal grey background and also a blue background. This was taken with the Nikon D810 on the renowned Profoto Wireless TTL Flash system along with Westcott Perfect Portrait Pro Shallow Softbox Lighting Kit in our studio.


On Location Shoot

Happy New Year! For all of those New Year resolutions that involve being more fit or just feeling better about yourself, there’s no better way to reward yourself than taking beautiful pictures from a professional to frame, hang, and cherish. At Aperture Media we take your portraiture experience to a new level with proven techniques and top-of-the-line flash systems and accessories.

It’s time you get the ultimate portraiture experience. Our expereinced photographers not only use top-of-the-line DSLR’s and lenses, but also use top-of-the-line wireless flash systems with beauty dishes, soft-boxes, reflectors, zoom-reflectors, and umbrellas to ensure superior lighting and quality for beautiful photographs that can be printed largely in almost any size and still retain amazing quality.

The experience doesn’t just stop with the shoot, our team is highly skilled with the latest post editing programs for pictures, like Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. With so many years of experience with these programs, you can be rest assured that we can follow through with almost any post editing request.

Enjoy a few of these pictures from the shoot.

Newlywed On-Location Bridal Shoot

If you’ve had a chance to read any of the high-end professional DSLR camera reviews this year, it is clear according to several reputable reviewers like Tom’sGuide review, among others, that the Nikon D810 comes on top as one of the top best, if not the best High End Professional DSLR of the year. Take a look at a few pictures of this newlywed on-location bridal shoot Aperture Media recently did using the Nikon D810.

Recent Newlyweds

Here are a few pictures of last months wedding.


Aperture Media On Location Portrait Shoot – November 2014

Aperture Media  is the premier source for professional photography and videography production needs for Central Florida and beyond! Check out this on-location photo shoot we did in November. Enjoy!